A pediatric dentist, like Dr. John J. Riehs, is required to complete an additional two year residency (specialty training) in pediatric dentistry beyond dental school. During residency, pediatric dentists receive advanced training in behavior management, child psychology, growth and development, hospital dentistry, interceptive orthodontics, sedation, special needs patients, and techniques to alleviate anxiety and build trust with children and their parents. This extensive training provides pediatric dentists the knowledge and skills to provide a positive dental experience and to educate children on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. Furthermore, pediatric dentists limit their practice to treating the oral health needs of Infants and children through adolescence. Because their practice is exclusive to kids, the environment is commonly conducive to children’s appeals.

What's the difference?


Should I schedule my child with a Pediatric Dentist or a General Dentist?  What's the difference?