What are the benefits

of a ceramic crown? 

  • Broken tooth from trauma – Often a traumatic tooth injury will leave little remaining tooth structure and a crown is indicated to restore the tooth.
  • Extensive decay on a tooth – If the decay on a tooth is extensive, a filling will not hold up and a crown may be indicated.

What are the reasons a ceramic crown may be needed?

What is a Ceramic Crown?

Ceramic Crowns

  • Esthetics promoting positive self- image
  • Strength and Durability
  • Biocompatibility with gum tissue
  • No metal
  • Maintenance of form and function of the teeth

Dental crowns are sometimes referred to as “caps.” There are many types of dental crowns ranging from stainless steel (metal), partial metal and resin, to ceramic/porcelain (white) crowns.  Pediatric crowns are prefabricated full coverage restorations/caps cemented to the prepared tooth.  The process for placing a crown involves preparing the tooth by removing the decay and shaping the tooth to allow room for a crown.  The crown is then cemented to the existing prepared tooth.